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Celebrate With Us.. Sharing Joy Increases Joy!

Birthdays, Anniversaries, festivals are one of the most awaited and happiest moments in our lives we enjoy spending with our loved ones. Come celebrate your happiest days with our children and amplify your happiness multifold. Ankur Pratishthan helps you to spread these smiles across multiple orphanages at the touch of your fingers.

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Anubhooti.. Be the Warriors of Social Change!

Ankur Pratishthan handpicks interns from various colleges across Mumbai after careful scrutiny and presents them the opportunity to be the change-makers in the lives of destitute children.

Ankur conducts rigorous orientation and enables the interns with the skillset and the mindset necessary to conduct activities which help to find and nurture the inherent talent amongst these children.

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With every Appreciation we travel few miles More . Thanks a lot!

Shri. Pravin Ghuge
Shri. Pravin Ghuge

Gigantic Beginning!”
There is an imperative need to Discuss and Debate Sensitive issues like Concerns of the destitute (Orphan) in social & open forums. Exposure of the ground realities concerning a destitute (orphan) to today’s youth (college going youth) in itself reflects the success of this Internship Program commenced by Ankur Pratishthan. This is just a beginning, and your bond with this sensitive issue should only continue to get bigger in the near future.”

Shri. Pravin Ghuge (Hon. Chairman, State Commission of Protection of Child Rights)

Smt. Samhita Sonkar
Smt. Samhita Sonkar

Long Lasting Impact! 
“Volunteers of Ankur Pratishthan have been dedicatedly and religiously spending their precious time with our NGO. Along with them, the college students who volunteered under the unique and flagship program – Anubhooti, also assisted us.  They not only worked on the overall development of the destitute kids but also channelised their thoughts. These small steps have a long lasting impact and we are happy to welcome them again in the near future.”

Smt. Samhita Sonkar (Managing Trustee, Maze Maher, Kalachowki)

Shri. Sanchit Yadav
Shri. Sanchit Yadav

You have Ticked the Correct Boxes! 
“Being a Teenager or a Youth is the time when one is moldable. His/Her immediate future is defined and channelized by the kind of company one keeps and the options decided. I was fortunate and blessed to be part of such an initiative, which is now a trend. Going ahead, I have made up my mind to latch on to every such opportunity.” 

Shri. Sanchit Yadav (Film Writer, Producer & Director)  

Dr. Minal Mapuskar
Dr. Minal Mapuskar

Sowing the Seeds of Social Service!
“We participated in this unique internship program as we wanted to sow the seeds of social service in our students at this apt age. Their feedback has only motivated us to be a part of such unique social activities round the year and every year.”

Dr. Minal Mapuskar (Professor, Kirti M. Doongersi College)

Kum. Dhanashree Ranadive
Kum. Dhanashree Ranadive

Exposure to Mass Psychology!
“While the Destitute Girls only wanted to break free from all the social shackles and Enjoy & Live every moment, they also wanted to absorb new things at the same time. This is where we learnt how to mold and improvise with our activities. This also helped us understand certain ways through which groups can be manned and desired goal could be achieved.”

Kum. Dhanashree Ranadive (Volunteer)

Shri. Shiva Nargauda
Shri. Shiva Nargauda

Honed My Strengths!
“Ankur Pratishthan gave me exposure to a lot of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Their workshops and camps helped me realise what I liked and what were my strengths. The Tai’s and Dada’s were really supportive and helped me hone my strengths and overcome my weaknesses.”

Shri. Shiva Nargauda (Beneficiary)